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Makeup Tips For Bridal Makeup

Every bride wants to look gorgeous and outstanding on their wedding day. How to keep your makeup on all the time and manage to feel like a beautiful model, but still originally you.

Here are some tips that will help :-

1. When the special day is close, a lot of the time is spend in choosing the dress, flowers, hairstyles or rings etc and ,sometime, you get a little for deciding about makeup. Looking perfect at your weeding day is very important part that needs equal attention. So, take time and go through the magazines to select out the makeup styles. You can tear out the pages that tell you about your desired makeup, or how skin glows and looks natural, colors of lipstick etc. You can keep all this data with you to show your makeup artist and figure out the best combination for you.

2. You can try out the same complete makeup application a day before your wedding day. This way you will be able to see whether you look the way you want on your wedding day, you feel confident fully or what the others say about you. You can have this makeup on the evening before the wedding day. This will give to the time for little modifications if you think the makeup style is not up to mark.

If you are confident and want to do your special day makeup by yourself, make sure you have some friend to sit in front of you while you do makeup.

Here are some tips for you :-

1. Foundation is absolutely important so, always be sure to select one that perfectly matches. Color blend on one side of the jaw and blend about 2 – strokes to check whether it is gone or not. Ideally it should go away, if you have chosen right one.

2. If you have under eye circles, then you can lighten them up easily by applying opposite color on the top first. Now, if the darkness turns to grey, then apply a soft pink shadow using a brush softly on the clean areas. After applying shadow, you should apply the foundation.

3. If you have a perfect shade, it will be much easier for you to use concealer. It should be used properly as if you go beyond 2 shades lighter than your skin, then it will bring muddy appearance on your skin. It will be good to mix a drop of foundation to your concealer and then apply on the skin. This will bring more even look.

4. Analyze you face and if you found little loose powder, use large brush and lightly brush the akin to set it. This will save time as well as make your skin look shiner in just some brush strokes.

5. Next thing is application of your blush. Select as blush brush with size of the apple of cheek in order to ensure perfect application. Select a color of your choice and tap on the apples of your cheeks and start blending slowly moving towards the temple. Then, blend it using a clean makeup sponge to give it really perfect look.

6. Lips are very important part of your face and perfect lips makeup can add a lot to your personality. Apply the powder to the lip to make a base so that the makeup last for long time. Take out your favorite lip liner and make an outline on your lips. Apply your chosen lipstick shade over the lips uniformly. Then apply blot and powder and repeat one more coat of the all three. Blotting and powdering ensures the removal of extra wax on the lips. To make your lips shine, apply a coat of light lip gloss.

7. Take care of your eyebrows, First of all brush them properly and then fill in the eyebrows using the light shades. Avoid too dark color. Brush gently your eyebrows using soft toothbrush.

8. To make your eyes look beautiful, apply soft shimmering cream on the brow bone as well as inner corners of the eyes in order to create beautiful highlight. Apply mascara as a light line with mascara brush. Do not forget to the eyeliner. It will make your eyes look great.

9. You can apply little blush along with final blush of loose powder as a finishing move.

You can adjust little things as the complete makeup process is over.

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