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Tips for applying mascara

mascara tips
How To Apply Mascara

Mascara is the cosmetic item every women wears. It makes eyes look longer and beautiful and enhances your personality.

Here are the tips to how to apply mascara :-

1. Apply your makeup cosmetics like foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow etc on the face. Stick business card behind the eyelashes to prevent the smudging.

2. Take out your favorite mascara and get appropriate amount of mascara on the applicator by rubbing of extra matter on the inside rim of tube.

3. Sit in a comfortable position and place your elbow on some soft support. Place the brush gently on the roots of the eyelashes and pull it upwards and bring to the end. Repeat the process over every eyelash until you find it perfect on every lash.

4. Take an eyelash comb and gently pull it up starting from lash roots before the mascara gets dried off. Hold the mascara wand in the vertical direction and gently stroke your upper as well as lower eyelashes just to add a stroke.

5. Take a cotton bud and place it on the top of the smudge. Take off the smudge by rotating the cotton bug gently over it. Check whether your eye shadow is OK.

Things you should know :-

1. Check out your mascara for thickness. If it is too thick then you should not use it. Firstly, thicker your mascara, harder it will be to apply. It is not distributed uniformly over eyelashes and gives spider look.

2. Use a hand mirror instead of sitting in front of a fixed mirror. Hold the hand mirror down so that you can see into it from top position. This way you will be able to see your complete eyelash from roots to the tips making it really easy to apply mascara properly.

3. To prevent clumping of mascara over eyelashes, place the brush at the roots or base of eyelashes and apply in back to forth stroke. This way, the mascara will be applied on every lash and each lash will be separated from other.

4. If you want your eyelashes to appear longer, then coat their tips twice or thrice with mascara after the initial coat dries off.

5. If you want to curl the eyelashes, make sure you curl them before to you apply mascara. Curling after applying mascara may damage or break the lashes. Use an eyelash curler made up of metal having a rubber pad. Make sure to change the rubber pad every three months as it flattens out. Curl the lashes from the roots or base in order to get perfect curl.

6. It is very important to remove mascara before going to bed as it can cause infection. Thicker mascara can cause eyes to swell or become red if it gets into your eyes. Simply, use facial cleansing wipes to get it off before going to bed.

7. People wearing contact lens should be conscious of thick mascaras. Some lash building fibers in these cosmetics may irritate the eyes.

8. You should replace your mascara after 30 days as once you open the tube, it gets prone to bacteria. Also, it tends to dry out.

Picking the best mascara :-

There is variety of formulas in the market meant for different purposes. You can select the one depending on whether you want lengthening, non-clumping, or thickening of eyelashes. Price is another point of consideration as you can get a good formula with all basic needs from your local drugstore. Also, there are various luxurious formulas available in the market that is really expensive. Selection of mascara also depends on the environment and seasons. Waterproof mascara can be good alternate for summer time.

It is always better to try out different varieties before selecting the right one for you. You can use multiple types of mascaras at a time. Professionals may make eyelashes look outstanding by applying one coat of lengthening mascara and then followed by thickening mascara.