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Proper knowledge of how to get your eyebrows in proper shape can make you look more attractive. Everyone have different shapes of eyebrows. There are some techniques for shaping your eyebrows :-

Eyebrow Tweezing :- This is the most commonly used eyebrow grooming technique as it is very simple to do. In this technique, use standard tweezers for plucking the unwanted hair from the surroundings that do not belong to your eyebrows. You can pull off each unwanted hair from underneath eyebrows or any other part on the face. It may hurt you a bit but this technique is very good if you want to remove some hair from face and it ensures that all the unwanted hairs are removed. Removing every hair by plucking it helps you to maintain the proper shape of your eyebrow and reduces the risk of deformation.

Eyebrow Waxing :- This hair removing technique is good for people having too much hair around eyebrows. This technique includes usage of warm wax applied over the brow with the help of cloth strips. Strips pull away a set of hairs at a time. This way you can get rid of unwanted hairs for long time as they do not regrow for months. People with sensitive skin should avoid waxing as this may create skin problems. Also, it is best to get it done from professionals first few times.

Touch ups :- Sometimes you pull out too much of brow hairs accidently which make it look bad. In these cases, you need to use pencils and brushes to fill up the area for the time till hair regrow. Pick the color similar or little lighter than your brow hair color and use it over the empty gap to fill it. Do not over use it otherwise people will be able to recognize it.

Finding shape of your eyebrow :-

1. Place a pencil vertically along one side of your nose from where your eyebrow starts. Pencil should touch the inner corner of eye and nose side of your nose. This will be the initial or starting point of your brow.

2. Diagonally place the pencil from side of nostril to the pupil center. This will determine the highest point of the brow arc.

3. Place the pencil from one end of your nostril to the end corner of eyebrow. This will determine the end point of brow.

Finding the right product :-

There is a wide variety of products available in the market that can enhance the beauty of your eyebrows.

Eyebrow Pencils :- These are most commonly used brow aids in the market that can help you add bits of color to your brows. They can help your brows look smooth in a natural way. One thing that should be kept in mind is choosing the right color and using proper technique to apply it. Experts recommend choosing the pencil with little light color than your brow color.

Eyebrow Bleaches :- These products can help you in case you want to lighten the color of your brows. Do not keep the bleach on for long time after applying as it can make huge difference in the result you desire. You can reapply after a while if you feel like rather than dying again to get the desired shade.

Eyebrow Dies :- If you do not like the color of your brows or if you want to just want to try a change in the color of your brow, eyebrow die is your option. Always consider your hair color whenever you choose to die your eyebrows. It will look odd if you have got blond hair and you get a darker die on your eyebrows. Experts suggest using multiple strokes of lighter die to get darker effect rather than using a darker die. This is due to the reason that it will be much harder to remove a strong die than the lighter one.

Eyebrow Brushes :- These are very useful tools that are used to apply the eyebrow powder of your desired shade. If used properly, it gives very natural color to your brows.

Here are some steps to fill your brow with powder :-

I. Apply base (brow wax) to you brows.

II. Using an angled liner brush, draw hairs using short, light strokes over the brow starting from center of the brow to outward. You can apply a bit more pressure if there is very spare space in brow.

III. Use a clean toothbrush or brow brush to blend the color properly.

IV. Apply some eyebrow gel into the brow using a spooley brush. This will provide an extra hold to the brows.