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Anti Aging Tips

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Anti Aging Tips For Face

As you grow old, you start losing the youthness of the skin. It is quite natural as it is part of ageing process. It cannot be stopped but you can follow some tips that can help you maintain the young skin for longer time.

Here are some tips :-

1. Avoid processed food :- Processed foods can bad for your anti aging program. These foods cause skin problems like acne, allergies, cancers etc. Instead of processed food, consume a healthy balanced diet rich in all essential nutrients. You should include lot of green vegetables in your diet plan. Green leafy vegetables are rich source of vitamins, minerals and are high in dietary fibers. They contain antioxidants that stop free radicals growth which are responsible for wrinkles and skin aging process.

2. Avoid sun light :- Protect your skin from sunlight. UV rays of the sun light are harmful for the skin. Staying in the sunlight can trigger free radicals in the body. This can lead to wrinkles on the skin. Sun can also make your complexion dark as it triggers melanin, which is responsible for black color of hair, in the body. So, always wear a sunscreen on your visible skin before going out in the sun. You can cover your hands with hand gloves. If its winter time, do not sit in the sunlight with just naked skin. Wear some scarf and sunscreen before getting in sun.

3. Regular workout :- Everyone should do physical exercise for minimum of 20 minutes a day. You can go out for jogging in a park, cycling, speed walking or other physical exercise. Regular exercise keeps you fit and boosts up your body metabolic rate. It ensures proper circulation of blood to every part of body. Proper blood circulation means oxygen being carried to every body part. This leads to healthy skin and fights the aging process.

4. Release stress :- Stress and depression is no. 1 enemy of physical as well as mental health. Tension or depression makes you feel bad and physically inactive. This generates negative waves in your mind which are not good for health. Stress and depression has been a known reason for skin premastering and other skin problems. Take time and go out to spa at your week end. Relax your mind and think happy thoughts. This will help you a lot and will keep your skin young.

5. Water :- Water is an essential part of human body. About 70% of the lean muscle weight is only due to water. Our body burns lots of fats or calories daily. When fats are burnt, some of the toxin is left behind under the skin. So, in order to wash out the toxins, body needs water. Adequate supply of water ensures that all the waste is flushed out of the body. If your body lack in water, the toxins under skin will give rise to various skin problems like acne, black heads or even skin cancers. So, you must drink about 8 – 10 glasses of water a day. Proper water level in the body ensures clear and health skin. It keeps the skin wrinkle free.

6. Research well before using skin care products :- There is a wide variety of skin care products available in the market. It is not necessary that all products will suit your skin. So, first check out the level of contents in the content index of the product. If it matches your requirements, then test it on your hand skin before applying to your face skin. Test 2- 3 different products and make sure you select the perfect product for your skin.

7. Quit smoking :- Smoking is really bad for you skin. It is also responsible for ill health and also leads to skin prematurance. People who smoke usually are at risk of cancer. Smokers tend to gain weight which may turn them unhealthy and obese.

Most of all get into the habit making you happy at the start of the day. This will set the tone for whole day and you will stay happy and healthy.